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Vince Carter Returns To Toronto

Though no longer “Half-Man Half-Amazing”, Vince Carter’s return to Toronto will always bring excitement and memories.

The legacy of “Vinsanity” began in Toronto.


I remember making the first basket here in history.  You can’t change that. Winning rookie of the year here, you can’t change that. Winning that dunk contest and putting Toronto on the map, you can’t change that. Those are all historical to me. I put all three of those as one.

Carter’s 6+ years as a Toronto Raptors were probably the electrifying of any player of his generation.

You couldn’t go anywhere without mentioning what Carter did the night before, whether it was the night where every fan and NBA player witnessed the best dunk contest performance in history, or if it was him dunking on one of the all-time great shot blockers Dikembe Mutombo, or his duel against Allen Iverson in the playoffs where they combined for 90 points, Vinsanity was the buzz of the NBA.

Fans were lowering their basketball hoops to mimic his dunks and wearing his jerseys.

Terrance Ross sporting a Carter jersey in tribute during the dunk contest came to no surprise.

Raptors+Dunk+Carter is what we’ve grown to expect.

Though Carter’s tenure with the Raptors never amounted to a finals appearance and actually ended with a bad breakup, Vince Carter will always belong to the city of Toronto.

Dallas, Phoenix, Orlando, and New Jersey have all had the privilege to experience one of the best guards of this generation, but Vinsanity will always be a Raptor.

Here’s hoping to a “Rev Up” tonight, because Vinsanity is home for the night.


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