Who will put the "D" in Big D this year?

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How much will the Mavs miss Chandler this season?

This NBA off-season did not have the suspense and drama that was the LeBron James sweepstakes. Once the owners and players came to an agreement, and the lockout was ended, there were no big fish for NBA owners to reel in. Most of the attention has been paid to the trade demands of Chris Paul and Dwight Howard. Lost in the shuffle were several shrewd signings, and trades, that will play a crucial role in the success of several teams.

As is usually the case following a team winning a championship, other teams lined up to poach the free agents who had been a big part of the Mavericks success last season in an attempt to them lure away with the hope of duplicating that same success. With an increased penalty for going over the luxury tax, teams had to think carefully about how they will spend their dollars. The Mavericks had several difficult choices to make regarding key members of the team whose contracts were up. They would not be able to keep everyone, plus they wanted to keep cap space available for the next off-season to make a run at a premiere player.

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