Shopping and basketball

Today I was walking in Downtown Grapevine when I wandered into one of the shops only to find yet another reminder that it is basketball season and there is no basketball.
There amid all the other Christmas ornaments and the college sports items was an ornament I couldn’t leave without. So for $7, I grabbed a Dallas Mavericks 2011 NBA Championship Christmas ornament. Just what every Mavs fans wants for Christmas–well that and actual games.
I thought I might ought to grab it because the way things are, there may not be a 2012 champion. The ornament was just another reminder, just like no trying to find a parking place at the AAC or watching Jet sprout his wings or Dirk do one of his phenominal fall away jumpers.
I have been following the CBA situation, and it just doesn’t sound promising.
Hopefully, we Mavs fans will get our Christmas miracle, and someone will clear the roadblocks that are keeping the two sides apart.
We can all hope and wish for a miracle. Because at this point, I think a miracle is what it is going to take to bring the two sides closer.

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