Mavs able to answer Lakers run, keep the lead

The Lakers are making a run, with the bench in the game plus Bynum.  Odom is playing with intensity tonight.  J.J. Barea is playing well, giving the Mavs quality minutes and production while Kidd is getting a breather.  He has scored two straight buckets to stave off the Laker run.  The Mavs are doing an excellent job of answering the Lakers runs and not allowing them to get to close.  But the Lakers have been able to keep the Mavs from pulling away and opening up a big lead.  Good game so far, with the Mavs continuing to lead 37-30 with 7 minutes left, even though my faithful companion (my dog), decided it was time to call it a night.

Tags: Dallas Mavericks J.J. Barea

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