One Rose Trampled

The Mavericks won with a complete team effort.

Dirk Nowitzki had 27 points to once again lead the team in scoring. Caron Butler and Rob Beaubois both scored 24, and Shawn Marion chipped in with 18 points. Jason Kidd fell 4 points short of a triple double with 15 assists, 11 rebounds.

It has been said that if opportunity doesn’t knock, to build a door. Beaubois has been given an incredible opportunity with Terry being out for an undetermined time, Rod has walked through that door of opportunity.

Beaubois’ scoring has increased the last three games. On Wednesday it was 17 points, last night it was 22 points, and tonight it was 24. Beaubois got the start alongside Kidd, and set the tone from the beginning.

It’s no coincidence that the opponent’s points per game have gone up in Haywood’s absence. Opponents were averaging 94.1 ppg going into last night’s games, with no Haywood in the middle to control the paint, last night and tonight opponents have scored in triple digits.

The Mavericks fought through the adversity and won their 11th straight game, which ties them for the second longest streak in the NBA this season. They will need to win 3 more games for longest win streak this year, and 8 more if they want to set a club record for consecutive wins in a row.

The Mavericks are winning as a team, playing as a team, and growing closer with every game.

Whether you watch them from press row, cheap seats, or from your couch, the Mavericks look good.

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