All-Star Weekend Kick-Off Post

The weather in Dallas seems like the only one that isn’t in the mood to party. Despite the chilly forecast All-Star Weekend has officially kicked off.

I had the chance to talk with Dirk Nowitzki this afternoon and he is feeling the “funk” Mavs fans are feeling. He believes that the team can “rebound from it”, and believes the team is set up nicely for a second half run.

Funny how he believes this team can rebound from the “funk,” they haven’t proved they can rebound on the court.

Dirk didn’t necessarily want to talk about the past, he thought the break was well planned for the Mavericks, and is looking forward to having a great All-Star experience as part of the host team.

He’ll be a busy guy. Yet he couldn’t help but smile when he said “it’ll be fun.”

One topic that seemed to actually bother him was the trade deadline. I could see that the latest round of trade talk has worn even him thin. He believes the organization will make a move if they feel it is best for the team. He was also quick to point out that he has confidence in the present team.

Dirk seems to be the only player not mentioned in trade talks, but he shrugged off a question if he thinks he could be traded. “Anything is possible I guess. Losing creates uncertainty.”

Uncertainty is a great way to sum up the first half of the season. No one really knows what this team is capable of doing. No one wants to believe this team is a championship-caliber team.

I know for certain that this All-Star week will be fun for everyone involved, does that count?

Will be making the rounds to all the events, look for the guy with a “The Smoking Cuban” shirt on. Will keep you posted. I’m hoping to get a few minutes with Josh Howard.

Dirk's been all heart for the Mavericks

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