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Maverick player and coaches become very defensive when you ask them “is this team in trouble given their latest loss against the young Timberwolves on Friday night?”

Maverick fans should be relieved to know that they at least know how to get defensive.

Defensive or not, some interesting sentiments are being said about the state of the Mavericks. Rick Carlisle considers his team defense as “soft.” Shawn Marion, the team’s best defender, considers the team a “broken-down car.”

While the All-Star circus trailers set up shop in Dallas, the Mavericks head west to play two crucial games against Golden State tonight and Denver tomorrow, before getting some time off for the All-Star break.

Tornado-like trade winds are swirling over the American Airlines Center. Is this team’s foundation strong enough to withstand the winds? If so, where is the foundation located?

Charles Barkley provided insight into the Mavericks’ future last May after being eliminated from the playoffs.

“(Dallas) has got problems, they’ve got a great player in Dirk Nowitzki, and they’ve got to make a decision on Josh Howard. Jason Terry is a great guy to bring off your bench. The big question is Jason Kidd. They’ve got issues, they’ve got to get much younger, they’ve got to get some help for Dirk, they need to find some guys who can be physical around him.”

“Dirk is a great player, but he’s a finesse player. They’ve got to bring in some big guys to help him rebound because he isn’t a great rebounder, and they need some depth on the bench. You look at their bench, you’ve got Brandon Bass, (Jason) Barea and that’s pretty much it.”

Brandon Bass became Orlando Magic’s problem this off-season. The Mavericks fought and kept Jason Kidd, and traded for Shawn Marion.

It’s obvious that the Mavericks believe building their foundation on old, aged concrete is smarter and wiser than starting over and building with young talent. Josh Howard, a six year veteran, according to league sources is all but gone.

The additions being talked about are, yep you guessed it, old veterans.

The recipe for success with the Mavericks seems to be confusing. The excuses being said in the locker room are getting, well old.

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